How to Join Merchant Navy

Efficient transport by sea is an important mode of transportation, particularly for a country like India with an outlet to the sea. Indian Merchant Navy comprises of Passengers Ships, Cargo Liners, Tankers, Ore-Carriers and other types of specialized ships. These ships are operated by the public sector and private sector shipping companies and are manned by trained Marine Engineers, Navigators and Crew.
Ocean -going merchant vessels are to be manned by competent seafares who need to be specially trained. Various International Conventions have adopted resolutions to the effect that seafarers manning the merchant vessels must be fully trained for the challenges that this job at sea requires. In order to meet this challenge, ISTA, Chennai has been established.

Careers in the Merchant Navy are broadly divided into Deck side, Engine Room and Saloon (Catering). Jobs are open to candidates at various level of educational qualification who have completed any of the following: 10th, 10+2 , Engineering Diploma in Mech Engineers, B.E.(Mechnical/Electrical),Naval Architecures, B.Sc Nautical etc.

Pre-Sea Training enables young and energetic candidates to take up a career of their choice in the Merchant Navy depending upon their educational qualification. During Pre-Sea training, the candidates will be trained to understand the duties required to be carried out by them on Merchant Ships.

After Pre-Sea training, the candidates sails on board Merchant Ships to gain the necessary sea experience, elevate in his career.